Buckwheat Fennel Focaccia

After watching the first episode of Fat, Salt, Acid Heat, I've had my mind set on making my own focaccia! As a fan of boulangerie, I knew that this task wouldn't be as time-consuming or tedious as other baked goods such as sourdough or enriched breads. Let's talk about how amazing buckwheat is! With a 100 … Continue reading Buckwheat Fennel Focaccia

Almond Anise Cookies

I've started this category named "Records and Recipes" which will couple recipes I've made with either a song or an album. For this post, the album Tell Me I'm Pretty was my inspiration for these Almond Anise Cookies A new chapter of my life has begun as I've moved to Australia for 6 months! I've … Continue reading Almond Anise Cookies