Vegetable-packed quiche with caramelized onions

Summer weather has finally arrived and all I'm craving is roasted vegetables and greens. I thought of the best recipes to use scraps and leftovers: quiche, but made it healthier. I rustled what I could find in the house and had peppers, onions and kale to work with. So I made a savoury oat and flax … Continue reading Vegetable-packed quiche with caramelized onions

Easter egg(plant)s

First and foremost, Happy Easter! Usually, I find myself making sweets or desserts when I have family over for special occasions. So this time, it was all about the savory dishes (although sweets were also made)! I present to you Easter eggplants: a reconstructed ratatouille. For presentation's sake, I bought mini eggplants to serve as a … Continue reading Easter egg(plant)s