Bacio Power Balls

With Valentine's day around the corner, and a waistline to maintain (New Years resolutions, hey?), what better way to indulge then having this healthy treat? Reminiscing on my travels in Italy, one gelato flavour always stuck with me: bacio. The Italian word translate directly to kiss. Technically, it's their equivalent of a Hershey Kiss, though … Continue reading Bacio Power Balls

Easter egg(plant)s

First and foremost, Happy Easter! Usually, I find myself making sweets or desserts when I have family over for special occasions. So this time, it was all about the savory dishes (although sweets were also made)! I present to you Easter eggplants: a reconstructed ratatouille. For presentation's sake, I bought mini eggplants to serve as a … Continue reading Easter egg(plant)s

Chai Tea Latte, Chai Cashew Butter & Protein Bites

Hello! Here to share some delicious recipes made from cashews. Recently I've been obsessed with cashews, eating an alarming amount. However, cashews are extremely healthy; a 1/4 cup being extremely rich in copper, and very rich in phosphorus, manganese, magnesium and zinc. So why not add them in your weekly routine? As odd as it may seem, cashew … Continue reading Chai Tea Latte, Chai Cashew Butter & Protein Bites