Ginger Hibiscus Lemonade Sorbet

Hibiscus tea has been used as a natural health product for a number of years. The  hibiscus sabdariffa flower contains phenolic compounds such as organic acids, flavonoids and anthocyanins that can be attributed to its cardioprotective , antioxidant, hypolipidemic and hypocholesterolemic properties in some studies. Valentine's Day is just around the corner and  that means red … Continue reading Ginger Hibiscus Lemonade Sorbet


Ginger & Pimm’s Sorbet

It's summer, and we all know what that means - frozen desserts and fruity drinks! So that means frozen treats inspired by them! Today's recipe is a ginger & Pimm's sorbet. Homage to Pimm's cups that are so needed during the summer. Serve it with citrus and berries and you've got yourself a delicious summer … Continue reading Ginger & Pimm’s Sorbet