Unleash the Flavours of Spring with a Vibrant Ramp Pesto Recipe

Spring is a season that tantalizes our taste buds with a plethora of fresh and vibrant ingredients. One such ingredient that deserves the spotlight is the wild ramp—a fleeting gem cherished by chefs and food enthusiasts alike. As you may know, I am always on the lookout for recipes that not only satisfy our cravings … Continue reading Unleash the Flavours of Spring with a Vibrant Ramp Pesto Recipe


Immunomodulating chocolate cookies (GF)

Crunchy with a softer centre, these cookies have it all. Because they're gluten-free and vegan, they're great for sharing. Their rich and bold chocolate flavour permeates throughout and you'll almost forget you've introduced CanPrev's Myco10 Powder Complex with 7 immunomodulating mushrooms and 3 whole food antioxidants in your dessert without effort. What do immunomodulating foods … Continue reading Immunomodulating chocolate cookies (GF)

Crunchy Smoked Beet Sandwich

Alongside a talent in filmmaking, the famous Francis Ford Coppola has turned a penchant for winemaking into a successful business. For big and bold flavours, look no further than his Francis Coppola Diamond Collection Ivory Label Cabernet Sauvignon, a full and dry wine with deep anise, chocolate and dark berry notes (cassis, blackberries and cherries). … Continue reading Crunchy Smoked Beet Sandwich