Orange Romesco Sauce

As the leaves turn red and orange, what better way to match your environment than to enjoy a delicious pepper-based dish! Ingredients 7 peppers (I used a mix of yellow and orange to make a really vibrant sauce)3 tomatoes4 spring onions (green only)1/4 cup garlic infused olive oil1/2 cup toasted cashews2 tbsp. white wine vinegar, … Continue reading Orange Romesco Sauce

Whole roasted Parmesan artichokes with gremolata

It's the end of spring which means that artichokes can be found at the market as they peak in spring, but can still be harvested in the summer. Here's a great recipe for an easy artichoke recipe, which demands no cutting or crazy waste of the vegetable! I also included a simple gremolata recipe with it … Continue reading Whole roasted Parmesan artichokes with gremolata