Hello there, I’m back from what seems like an eternity!

I was in Toronto recently visiting my sister and thought it would be a great opportunity to try the restaurant that I’ve been constantly hearing about.

I first heard of The Momofuku restaurant while watching “The Mind of a Chef” who’s host was none other than David Chang, the owner and founder of Momofuku.

In the series the chef travels across the globe finding inspiration and the origin of various foods then applying various twists to the food in question.

One episode was centred around ramen which is when he mentioned that he served fresh ramen at his restaurant.

I researched Momofuku and found out that there are multiple around the world. The group of restaurants are situated in New York City, Sydney and Toronto.

Having missed an opportunity to try the famous pork ramen in New York City, I made it a necessity to try it in Toronto.

The Canadian Momofuku is situated in the heart of downtown Toronto and is 3 floors with different variants of the restaurant. It hosts the Noodle Bar, Nikai, Daishō and Shōtō, all having different menus.

We walked in the restaurant around 9PM on a friday and was seated almost immediately. We were seated on the second floor at a bar-like table overseeing the first floor of the restaurant. The staff was very friendly and helped us make choices based on our taste and preferences. I ordered the momofuku ramen of course.

For the entire menu, click here.

Our food arrived promptly and I must say that it looked delicious!


I tried the pork ramen and it was delicious. Fresh ramen noodles in pork broth with chunky and pulled pork, fish cake, scallions, white kimchi, nori, and a soft poached egg.


Beside me, chilled spicy noodles. The best part about this bowl of goodness was definitely the candied cashews. Crunchy and sweet, it complements the rest of the  dish.


We were seated on the second floor of this restaurant which is when the Milkbar is located. We were able to watch the refrigerated room fill with customers picking out sweets for dessert.

An added bonus to this tiny shop is the little baskets that fit a few items. So charming and smart if you’re stuck with leftovers but also have a sweet tooth.


The prices were very reasonable for the quality and quantity of the food served.

Staff Friendliness : Very Good

Staff Knowledge: Excellent

Food Style: Asian-American fusion

Food Quality: Excellent

Good for groups: Yes

Outdoor Seating: No

Wheelchair Friendly: Yes

Overall: ★★★★☆

If you’re interested, Momofuku Noodle Bar is situated in Toronto at 190 university avenue.



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