Having been in Melbourne for  3 months now, I can definitely say that brunch is not taken lightly here. Just like Montreal, brunch is a trend that has restaurants booming with creative new ways to incorporate seasonal foods into savoury and sweet dishes.

Upon exploring multiple brunch spots around town, I’ve noticed a few trends that have yet to emerge in Canada.

1. Adding Texture with Meringues!

Pain Perdu Deux featuring brioche french toast, passionfruit curd, chocolate mousse, berry coulis and meringue crackle. At Hardware Société

2. Mushrooms for Maximal Umami

Large herb roasted portobello mushrooms plated with white bean purée, chèvre & hazelnut crumble, walnut bread and poached eggs. At: Hardware Société

3. A Creamy Component : the Panna Cotta

4. The original trendsetter: Smashed Avo

I don’t think you can find a brunch menu without this iconic dish nowadays. Fresh bread piled with fresh avocado never tasted so good!


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