Spring Greens Pasta Sauce

Springtime means heaps of delicious greens are on the horizon! As enthused as I get, I also buy excessive amounts sometimes (oops... too excited) and forget that leafy greens aren't eternally fresh. Thus, I made a delicious healthy creamed spinach recipe to use my excess spinach. This recipe is entirely low FODMAP recipe, infusing the … Continue reading Spring Greens Pasta Sauce

Avocado Oil – An Overview

From being ubiquitously featured on brunch menus, to filling our grocery aisles, the humble avocado has become a staple "superfood" nowadays. The persea americana, or avocado, is mostly produced as a fruit.  Infamous for its ephemeral ripe state, avoidance of cosmetic waste and high fat content has lead to the production of avocado oil (AO) … Continue reading Avocado Oil – An Overview

Mulled Wine Poached Pear Roses

Whether your New Years resolution starts tonight or tomorrow, you can indulge in this dessert with little guilt! With little preparation time, you can enjoy this delicate dessert's flavour. Switch up the spices and enjoy with crunchy granola! Ingredients: 7 pears1 bottle of wine ( you can use cooking wine)5 tbsp. sugar1 cinnamon stick1/4 tsp … Continue reading Mulled Wine Poached Pear Roses