Tomatillo Hot(ish) Sauce

With tomatillo season in full swing, a hybrid between salsa verde and hot sauce came to mind as I simply couldn't pick which to make. As I usually do with most hot sauces, I char the vegetables in the oven by keeping them under the broiler and making them as dark as I find appropriate. … Continue reading Tomatillo Hot(ish) Sauce


Basil Jalapeño Roasted Potato Salad

With summer in full swing and quarantine-gardens in bloom, it's time to use some of those fresh herbs we've been tending to for the last couple of weeks. I've gone ahead and used fresh basil in this dressing to bring a fragrant summery feel to this dish, but feel free to play around with other … Continue reading Basil Jalapeño Roasted Potato Salad

Fluffy Chia Sourdough Pancakes

Whether you're on a low FODMAP diet or not, you can't skip this recipe of pancakes! Combining fed sourdough starter with the power of chia seeds, I don't think you can find a healthier or tastier version anywhere. As you may already know, traditional wheat recipes are a complete no-go for FODMAP-following individuals as it … Continue reading Fluffy Chia Sourdough Pancakes